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Larry Darnell

Photographer - Artist
What I find most enjoyable about my work is generally it contains no people. Which means no one is there but me. and then...I get to enjoy that scene. and then...I process it in photoshop, and I get to enjoy being there again. and then...I get to look at it and recall a wonderful solitary moment.

In an age when the countryside is being abandoned for the bright city lights and the opportunities found there, what is lost is not just the drudgery and toil of the farm and the land, but the direct interaction with that which is very much bigger and older than us.

As the culture unleashes its moorings to its place in nature, it is not nature which will suffer as it will be here utilizing its own wisdom long after we are gone.

It is not surprising, then, there is solace, healing and spirituality to be found and rediscovered face to face with our own nature and the larger one. Transcendence is not as popular sport as those based on media and groupthink, so I am not sure nature is developing into one more barcoded simulated experience packaged as entertainment or enrichment.

I try to find places and moments I enjoy outside, and offer them to others as well.

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